Bytor Music
Rock, pop, electro and orchestral music producer.

Bytor is the project name for artist Michael Geissler. Michael currently produces music for TV and Film. Recognized as a leading music producer in Albuquerque, NM. Michael delivers a sound that is influenced by Hard Rock and is infused with spacious, ambient electronic keyboards. Michael is also known for his innovative use of orchestral, acoustic, electronic, and synthesized genres to create imaginative and diverse soundscapes, enhancing the drama and developing distinctive and immersive musical scores. 

When asked why he chose music as a career, Michael has replied, “Music is such a beautiful language and a gift to this world, I know how it affects me, I know how music has changed my life several times and how powerful it can be. I love how music can enhance visual imageries and I want to create that. I just want to give back what has been given to me through all my favorite bands, songs and soundtracks. Hopefully I can affect someone in the positive way that music has done for me.”  

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