Bytor is the project name for the artist, Michael Geissler. Michael is a multi-talented musician, film composer, music producer and songwriter from Albuquerque, NM. He has been performing and writing stellar music for fans to enjoy and use for a means of escape, for the last decade. He has played in notable Albuquerque, NM based bands “Vital Signs” and “Eleven Eleven.” While in Seattle, WA he was a part of the bands “These Young Fools” and “Flicker and Fade.” Michael's vision is to create positivity through his music and continue to spread the message of KTF (Keep The Faith) to his fans and followers. This is a message that originated in the teaching career of his dad, Mike.

Michael delivers a sound that is influenced by Hard Rock and is infused with spacious, ambient electronic keyboards. Heart felt solos, gritty guitars and upbeat riffs are features that fans can dance or head bang to. Michael has a unique writing style ranging from catchy upbeat radio worthy hits, to powerful hard-hitting rock.  Beautiful, emotional textures also make his music attractive to a wider audience. 
Michael is also known for his innovative use of orchestral, acoustic, electronic, and synthesized genres to create imaginative and diverse soundscapes, enhancing the drama and developing distinctive and immersive musical scores. Michael has scored original music for indie short films, episodes and documentaries.
In 2011, “Vital Signs,” was nominated in three different categories for the prestigious New Mexico Music Awards. While in Seattle playing in the bands “These Young Fools” and “Flicker and Fade,” Michael co-wrote songs that have been featured on the legendary Seattle radio station KGRG. Songs such as “A Nice Place To Visit,” “Something Soft,” and “Tension,” were played regularly.  In 2015, the song “Follow The Leader,” was featured on Amazon’s summer compilation CD. Both “Vital Signs” and “These Young Fools,” (the two bands with the most longevity) garnered attention from some record labels.

Currently Michael is writing songs to be placed in TV/Film and will be writing original scores for many projects to come. Forever and always, Michael looks forward to the next opportunities to Rock out on stage.

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